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Before start, i've made this post, because i didn't found any other.


I have those suggestions (ok, nobody ask for one) and would be glad with some more...


- There's a new frame with a ying-yang thing and change from male to female... But, how about gender skins? A female skin for male frames and male skins for female frames.


- Proto excal skin... Pré-corpus valkyr skin... Why not “proto” skins for all frames?


- We have kubrows... Will have catbrows... But the first wild life in Warframe universe stays wild... Not touched by the infested... Grineer... Or Corpus... The desert skate stay wild. None sand aquarium (?)... Any uses except anoying Grineer soldiers.


- Infested Archwing sector? Imagine shooting through giant space alien mantas, whale form beats … Some infested stuff flying … Whatever... [some ideas with a rapid google search]... They had reach the void, but... How?




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There have been multiple threads about gender swaps for all Warframes to be more friendly to all genders of players.

It's up in the air AFAIK, because the person who makes the designs doesn't really want to re-design and change proportions and so forth.

There was plans for unique "proto" skins for everyone. 

The desert sand skate would be completely useless, as they're only available in sand. They will stay wild.

It just hasn't happened YET.

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Skins ... Not real changes.

Gender in any game is more or less just a "skin" ;) but someone has to design it and we actually still don't know what Warframes are or what is inside them, or if it's just robots or whatever, so until we know, we can't just ask for gender options if it actually might break the lore.

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I think DE already said somewhere the gender of frames won't be an option, ever.

Kind of. They don't want "identical" Warframes, but they said they were open to differently styled ones with the same theme, who could happen to have different genders. E.g. there could be a male fire/lava themed frame but they would have different stats and abilities.
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As now seen with this yin-yang frame they can do multi gendered frames if they really want just takes a bit more time. Ability swap also would be a nice thing but still no one wanted this.


After they earned enough money for making more content maybe their plans can be changed in the future but I saw a lot of things in game what deserves more love than making new weapons and color pallettes to earn profit.


This just a never ending circle and a bad game management.

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