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Vectus P Stock Is A Myth...


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Many will argue for the Carrier Prime Carapace. Someone a while ago was asking about it and how many runs it took, and all together from like 150~ runs only three to five of them actually got a part.


After 35~ keys myself, I finally got it. Carrier Prime is the only thing I wanted from this batch of primes. I am lazy, but I am now lazy in style.

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Carrier Prime Carapace and Vectis Stock/Receiver are all really difficult to farm.

Since the new Primes' release, I've acquired all of Carriers Parts, (Cerebrum and Carapace through trading) the Vectis Prime BP and Barrel. and Ash Primes Chassis and Helmet.


Stock/Receiver for the Vectis are going to be hell to farm. Since I've ran out of T3 Mobile Defenses.

Ash BP is just going to be time consuming, not sure if it's drop rate is decent or not. (Damn Ember Helmet.)

And his Systems shouldn't be to hard, considering Survivals don't take as long. Then again, Volt Chassis was a ***** to farm...


Ah, well.

Let Grindframe continue.


RNG is hell sometimes... Glad I got Carrier Prime before U17 though :)

(My old sweeper had 82k kills, can't wait for my Sweeper Prime to get 100k >:D)

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 i got lucky then lol. my first attempt of a t3 md keyshare and it was the first reward. had the same luck with ash prime systems in t3 surv at the first roation. 

and was able to get the full prime set within the first 10 days of release lol. the ash p bp took me like three days though

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