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New Utility Slot: I'm Scared.


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If you want to properly utilize most frames you'd have to forma them 2-3 times anyway to fit in all maxed proper mods.

I have already forma them 2-3 time already, and about 2 more with the upcoming utility slot.


Investment is what it is called.

Yes, and DE said there would be more utility slot, and about 2 more forma for each additional slot.

Since I play all frame (and randomly switch between them), this just makes the game more grindy.

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Wait the new slot is not a bad thing that extra slot is only ig u want to use it.

Your not really force to use it and if u want to use it is all about your choice.

Is not something to be scared off you know.

I will go crazy, if I see an empty slot on my warframe or my weapon. MUST. EQUIP. NO. EMPTY. SLOT. ALLOWED.

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