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A Bit Butthurt: Clan/void Keys Dissapearing


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Well, title should be self explanatory, but...

I built and rushed the Clan Key, and bought a 5 pack of those Void keys using plat.

I played one mission, saw the hotfix, and went back in.

Keys are all gone. Clan, void, all of it, and so is Foundry.

I know there's gotta be bugs in a new patch, but...seriously...ow. I just rushed that freaking Clan Key so I could go into Clan room. Now I don't even get to use it. Sad to say, I know its just 10 plat, but I kind of want it back =.=

EDIT: Two relogs later, it looks like at least the keys are there. I'm really not quite sure what's going on with the servers =.=

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