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Any1 Noticed The Shuriken Buff?



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having just done the polarity respect on my ash i was super suprised when i finally added shuriken and hucked a few. things died.... it was crazy. i started spamming shuriken instead of bladestorm i was laughing so hard.


500 dmg to grineer in kappa. at least 2 shuriken (looked like 3 a few times). seems to hose everything in a line.


TY DE. ash feels more like a damn ninja now :D


now fix bladestorm so it's cooler and takes 1/2 as long and i'll love it forever.

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Did u read the patch notes? lol

Thank you DE for the Shuriken fix, but it needs to activate more smoothly, using it forces me to a halt, and doing it while sliding/jumping makes Ash stand upright before throwing his Shuriken.

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