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A Grain Of Salt. (Read This Before Posting On Update 8)


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Okay guys, 


I don't normally feel the need to post these kinds of things but the response to U8 is getting to be a little too negative.

Firstly let's discuss how the beta process works.

First there is a closed beta, where the Devs will work with a small player base in order to test the features of the games such as your graphics, physics, and how they effect the servers.

During this time the devs gain a basic understanding of what content does, and how it reacts on an online basis. The increased amount of players in the closed beta make the chances of finding a bug, or glitch much higher than it would if they were using an intimate group of testers in their building.


Now let's talk about open beta. Open betas are the next tier of testing, they allow for a larger player base to come in, and just as with closed beta, this increased number of players can increase the chances that a bug will be found, such as huge bugs, like the black void problem we are experiencing, or something minor like an issue with the cartography of the map that sticks to players as they run over it, or perhaps doors that don't open all the way.



Let's talk about what is and what is not productive during major content updates.

What is productive is checking the bug report forums regularly, and seeing if the issues you are experiencing is already a known bug.

If it is not, post it on the forums. (Why do I say forums and not open a ticket?) Well that is simple.

Tickets require an individual to investigate it, every time. So there are multiple people reporting the same glitch through tickets, and that diverts man power from dealing with the larger problem. (If you've seen office space, think of the opening scene where the main character is told by 7 different bosses to file the same TPS report) EVERY ticket must be investigated. There are literally thousands of people reporting the same thing, and every time someone has to answer it. This serves no function, or purpose other than to slow down the customer service reps who are dealing with individual problems that are separate than in game bugs which the devs know about and the greater population clearly knows it's being worked on. 

By submitting those tickets, you are basically contributing to the problem.



Guys I can understand your frustration at having all these glitches impact your gameplay, but posting on forums with your rage posts, and cursing the devs, and blaming them with irrational claims does more than you think.

When you make these claims in region chat, and in the forums, you might think you're somehow validating how you feel by rallying people who are just as frustrated as you.

What you are really doing is contributing to the problem.

People who have just joined the game check these forums every minute of every day. They draw their impression of the game from what others say because they have yet to experience the game fully for themselves.

So they take what is on forums and on region a lot more seriously than us veterans that know this song and dance, and are patient enough to simply wait for the issues to be resolved.

These kind of flame posts can hurt the game's fanbase, and turn people away in frustration.

By attempting to validate your anger, you can potentially make this game lose customers, and in essence hinder the game's growth.


To end I just want to say, that yes it sucks when stuff doesn't work the way it was intended, but chill out. This game is still in beta, and this is the process. There has never been an MMO that launched without experiencing problems with their UI/Graphics/Physics etc..

So if you are too frustrated with the game to accept this, then I invite you to turn it off, play something else, or just watch some TV go outside etc..

Complaints do not help. It is a self serving action that hurts the game. Treat this game, and these Developers with respect, because they treat the community better than any game that has ever come before it.

Respect what they do for us, and be patient.



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Payment is optional for 95% of all features. You are not required to pay anything.

Also this is not the first Beta to ever have a cash shop in it. Elsword and Grandchase, Just off the top of my head. Whether or not they charge for features is irrelevant. This game is in Beta, and it is going to have issues. That is what Betas are for. To test the water, find the issues, and fix them.


I know multi-million dollar companies that release content and it's a disaster every time, and their games have been out of beta for decades. 

So my point remains Valid. 

If you can't be patient enough to accept that this is normal for MMO's then turn off the game, and wait a day or two for things to level out. Complaints, insults, threats, and whining do not accomplish anything positive, and it is not a solution oriented action.

If you want things to improve then help them to improve, by not bringing negativity into the community.

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You're throwing beta around way too much. The fact of the matter is that this game is released. When it finally comes out of what you call "beta" they are NOT going to do a wipe thus it is officially released. The only reason they're still calling it beta is for exactly what you're doing here to act as a buffer for the bad responses and an excuse for when they make bad decisions. The worst decision they made being that they encouraged people to spend their plat willy nilly during update 7 because they would offer a reset in the unknown future. They encouraged players to spend plat because it's a "beta" and only released the reset because they made the mistake of promising one. It is blatantly obvious from the delivery of the OPTIONAL reset that they did not want to release one.


Guild wars 2 is the best example of a game testing their cash shop during the beta. They had you purchase their currency and test out their junk from the shop and when the game was officially released everything was wiped and you got your in game cash shop currency refunded.


I think all of us are very much aware that bugs happen. Some people understand that it takes time to fix them some people don't.

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If anyone is focusing on the fact that it's beta it's you. 

I mean you expertly avoided the point of this post completely.

The point of this post is to point out to the people that want to be negative, and bad mouth the devs and the game, that this is all normal for any MMO

What isn't normal for an MMO is to have devs that work as hard as ours do, and to have them get into the grit of the community like they do.

You let me know when NCsoft starts taking player's ideas seriously when adding  content to GW2. 


And I really don't see why you are griping about the optional reset. It's really only there for people who were short sighted enough to ignore the fact that almost anything is free, and really all you need to buy is slots. 

Or for people who were here so early certain features look more desirable now than back then. It's a courtesy they extended to those players, not an insult.


So what if the game has some glitches? At least our devs are awesome enough that they fixed them as they occured IN REAL TIME. I mean god forbid you play swtor, or wow, and get a major content update, bugs aren't fixed for at minimum a week, sometimes several weeks to even months.


Seriously people, respect the work the Devs do for us, and if can't respect it, then at least keep your mouth shut. They in no way deserve insults.

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