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Random "year Of Quality" Ideas (Qol Improvements)


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Let's start with "trading" - Change it so there are three channels to replace the current one. Make them WTB, WTS, and WTT. Pretty straightforward. The WTT tab is for transactions not involving platinum.


Recruiting: Perhaps we could have a separate channel for different kind of recruitment - one for void, one for starchart, one for syndicate, etc. As it is now, it's very cluttered.








Sentinel Weapon Mod Confliction - See these threads: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/140125-sentinel-weapon-mod-restriction/




The Arcane enchantments shouldn't be tied to cosmetics. In fact, no stat-altering changes should be attached to cosmetics. Hence the removal of arcane helmets in the first place.




Offline messaging. Sending messages to players with the in-game "inbox" system. maybe this is harder than it seems, but it feels like if the Stalker can send me an email, a clan-mate should be able to.


Some way to make if you're "ignoring" a player, that they can't switch teleport you, you can't take their wormholes, or be bounced by their pads, or banished by them, etc.




I know that the void is getting blown up soon anyway, but please, whatever it's replaced with, please don't have forma as a reward past 20 minutes.


Something to tell new players to save their 50 plat for slots.

Something to change the really outdated messed up market prices (the "rhino pack" that includes the boar is one such silly example.


An "apply" and "cancel" button when in the arsenal. Sometimes I make changes that I decide I *don't* want to keep, and would much rather just hit cancel than have to manually put everything back the way it was.


A place to see what Baro is currently selling and how long he'll be here, and the current ducat prices of all void parts (since they seem to change every week). Something like the "alerts" forum we used to have, but for the void trader. Unless people are supposed to be forced to log in to look at that.






change multishot on rifles from 90% to 100%. or maybe just sniper rifles, but still. For sniper users, that 10% chance to NOT one-shot something is important.





Other wishlist items include reworking the Kela De Thaym fight, since she's literally just a bullet sponge now, weapon switch speed to be increased (probably to speed holster levels, and just remove that aura),




oh, and maybe an ugment slot.


/e: Every line was supposed to have a bullet point. Whoops.


/e: remove orokin cells and uncommon 5's from reward tables


/e: add a cute little potato icon next to frames and weapons in your arsenal so you can very quickly see which ones have a potato in them or not


/e : i'll fix the formatting tomorrow

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