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Bombard Insta-Kill And Level Reverting Glitch


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In a T3 Survival mission just earlier tonight my squad and I ran into a couple glitches. One of them is fairly well known, the other I've never seen before. A bombard missile instantly bypassing shields and killing you isn't unheard of, but respawning as level 0 without any frame powers is pretty new to me. Especially because this happened to everyone.

I joined up with a group of randoms from the recruiting channel to do a 60 minute T3S because the host was aiming for Ash P systems. Everyone in the squad was playing the right frames, was outfitted the right way, and knew their job well. It was going to be a perfectly smooth run. I've never had the pleasure of teaming up with such a competent group before which really makes this all the more bitter. Its a miracle that we managed to pull back together and survive to reach extraction at 60 minutes.
Going from fully ranked down to rank 0 at the 50 minute mark is such a low blow. Icing on the cake is that the 60 minute reward was a Forma BP.

Pic is the end result of the mission:

I've never had this happen before, and I seriously hope no one has to ever see it again.
These guys all deserve something a lot better than a Forma BP after getting screwed over so hard. Come on.

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I had this bug happen to me twice yesterday, both times after the 30 minute mark. One of the times, the entire team wiped and all four players were given rank 0 equipment, at 55 minutes.


I wonder if it is tied to players timing out to the main server after being in a mission too long...

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