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Ui Re-Spawning Bugs On Infested Derelict Missions (Sabotage/survival)


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These bugs have been seen multiple times ever since I have started to grind away on infested tower missions.


1. Running a "Solo" Sabotage mission (OD-Sab), I come to the map tile set that where it's very easy to fall off.  Its the one with many vines running horizontally between and through the doorways (no floor to walk on). For what ever reason, when I get pushed off one of those vines and I re-spawn I loose my carrier.  My sentinel (Carrier Prime) doesn't come back after the fall. This is annoying.


2. Running a survival mission with friends (OD-Sur) and another person is the host. We have good voip and all is going well. There is no lag. The infested AIs are starting to get heavy and one of us (who is not the host) start to take too much damage and goes down. After getting revived, the person that was down has lost all gear material and has no powers that would be equivalent to a level 30 warframe.  This forces us to leave the mission and thereby not getting a long term reward (Rot C).



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