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Conclave And Co-Op Appearance Uses The Same Settings


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Both the Conclave and Co-op loadouts use the same appearance settings, which means that if you equip the Conclave sigil you can't equip a syndicate sigil in the Co-op appearance loadout. This means that you have to change the sigil every time you go into conclave to get XP. Unless you have a slot on a warframe dedicated to Conclave.


Example of the problem:

  • Equip syndicate sigil on back, then in Conclave mode you can't equip conclave sigil on the front. Visa veras.
  • Equip syndicate sigil on back, then equip Conclave sigil on the back. The Syndicate sigil will disappear in co-op mode. You have to constantly change sigils if you are going between Conclave and Co-op.


  • Make the Conclave appearance options separate from the Co-op appearance options, like the way the selected warframe and weapon loadouts are separate in both modes.



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The fix I'd like to see would be to have Conclave sigils not clash with Syndicate Sigils and allow both to be worn at the same time just not have the Standing gain outside the correct game mode.  I'd like to have Red Veil Assassin Sigil on the front and Conclave Freedom Sigil on the back for cosmetic reasons.

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Until it's fixed there is a workaround. Just copy your appearance to B/C slot and equip Conclave sigil. You won't need to change every time.

The thing is I use the A/B/C slot for each of the syndicate I'm with, so I have to switch the sigil if I want XP. I don't really play Conclave, but on the off chance that I do, like yesterday, I didn't get any XP because I forgot to put on the sigil.

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