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When Did You Start Playing?



Is there any way to find out how long one has been playing Warframe through either steam or the website? I'm curious as to what update I originally started in (U7.8 pretty sure).


EDIT: The title is a little misleading, so if you'd like to post what update/date you started playing, feel free too!

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You have two (and somewhat a third) possiblites to check how old your account is:


1. On the Main Page click your name and then select account managment. There it will tell you how old your account is.

For me its 2 Yeas and 9 Months


2. On the Forums click your Name and there you will see when your account was created. 

For me that was on the 5th January 2013.


3. Thats not really how old your account is but it will show you how many people created an account before you. Its the UserID. If you open your Profile on the Forums, directly in front of your Name is an ID. 

My UserID is 3880 so i was pretty early since just 3779 guys played Warframe before me.

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