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Thoughts On Kubrowing


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Hey y'all, I just wanted to say a few words about my adventures in kubrow breeding.

I'm having fun, breeding kubrows, making imprints and above all, making super powerful space ninja dogs to fight with me. I don't mind the small amount of maintenence that goes into this process, as the return is well worth the effort. That said, I find myself somewhat annoyed by one, major thing and one minor thing in the process, which I'm sure has been brought up before.

1. My biggest gripe is once I've put a kubrow into stasis, I can't get to its "information". I've gotten into the practice of writing said pertinent info into my trusty Warframe notebook (this thing has more detailed notes than when I took Chemistry in college) but why do I need to do this? I feel I should at least be able to click on a kubrow in stasis and still be able to see all about it.

2. Which, brings me to stasis...ugh, I understand why DE has the wait mechanic, to stop tenno from abusing the heal/health mechanic but still think it's super freaking annoying. Different missions require different tactics and I just think a space travelling ninja kubrow breeder should have a few more tools at his/her disposal.

In an ideal setting, I could have as many kubrows out as I'd like, knowing I would be responsible for the cost of upkeep in them. Stasis would be for when I didn't really want to ditch the kubrow, as a collector or for whatever number of reasons.

Whelp, that's it. That's all I really have to say in criticism of the whole dang kubrow thing (well, I guess sometimes they could be a little less stupid while in the field, lol). Bring on the Katbrows!!

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