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Accelerant Needs More Prevalent Immolation


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an improvement to embers 2nd skill


resonance has been a great quality of life improvement for sonar, one of the best things to happen to the skill and banshee

in a similar vein of mechanics accelerant would benefit greatly not to mention ember itself 


specifically a change to accelerant to give the innate effect of spreading the accelerant to nearby enemies from any enemy who has been killed while under the effect of accelerant 

a fraction of the original range and remaining duration but with additional fire panic stun on newly affected enemies as the accelerant spreads, damage multiplier to fire dmg stays the same 


the result would allow ember to extend her damage buff and soft CC within the limitations of remaning range and duration ratio, improving QoL and opening up new options yet not overpowered or game changing enough to warrant a syndicate mod or overhaul 


thematically it also invokes the behavior of napalm which seems fitting 

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