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Warframe Frost Augment: Slippery Avalanche


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Had some trouble posting this on the forums, but after a day of issue here it is:


Basically the idea behind this ability augment mod is after you use avalanche the surface area gets covered in a shiny glossy finish, completely covering without patches (Similar to the Infested Moa's tar abilities). This area stays in effect for a period of time before slowly melting away. When enemies stand on the area they begin to uncontrollably ragdoll until the ability runs out. This opens them up to a variety of direct damage options or allows the numbers to be decreased, especially against infested- which makes up for the snow globe's inability to stop the infested.




Very useful for the aspiring frost.





"Grineer! Assume fireteam brav-ooooooooo----- shiiiii!!!"

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Odd choice of words.


Combat Formation Bravo would, in theory, be extremely effective at negating ice patches.


Touché. But I guess this would help with bottlenecks and sewers, and infested of course.

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