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Seekers Need A Rework, And Here's A Few Ideas.


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Currently, they can do significantly more damage than any Grineer enemy at most shared ranges, and their rollers do pitiful damage and take forever to explode upon latching, even though they can be unlatched by rolling. If anything, their unique feature (spawning a little roller that latches then explodes) should have a buff, and their standard attack needs to, at most, have 2 times as much dps as a Trooper's Sobek.


Rework Ideas

-Lower their gun's dps

 There is no reason they should deal more damage than every other Grineer for how often they spawn.


-Make their rollers have a garunteed knockdown if they explode whilst latched

 There can be an actual threat to the rollers without introducing more damage as difficulty (there's already plenty of that).


-Decrease the time it takes for the roller to explode (maybe 2/3 of the current time)

 They take so long to explode that even if they were threatening when they did

 a player could just sit with them on for a few seconds with barely any worry.


-At higher levels, let them spawn 1 regular sized roller when the player gets to close or the seeker is low on health

 Seekers would be more of a threat at higher levels without invalidating their unique minion crowd control style,

 and spawning full size rollers would add more enemy variety considering rollers are rather uncommon.

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