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Corvid Recruiting - High Ranks And Competition On Offer


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Owing to our recent emergence among the Tenno clans, Corvid has a long way to go before it begins to make a name for itself. 




However, with an new clan comes new opportunities and new end-game content as we are in need of capable Tenno, able to manage a growing clan, recruiting, funding and building our Dojo to its fullest potential. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to inquire.


As of Now: Trading and vault donations are online and open, All halls completed, Lab construction completed and research queued, power requirements met with 4 reactors online, Dueling Room construction completed, Orokin Lab construction completed.  


Tenno capable of higher Clan Management appreciated, most notably those with organization roles in previous clans who plan the layout of a Dojo and keep it functioning.


Clan Emblem Competition: Due to my questionable artistic talents, a Platinum prize is on offer for those who come up with the Clan's new Emblem. Prizes of 500p, 250p and 100p will be awarded to the Grand winner and the two runners up respectively, the Grand Winner having his or hers art instated as the new Clan Emblem.


Rules of the Competition


1. Art must abide by DE's constraints for a clan Emblem, including being in PNG format and be 128 x 128 size.


2. Subject of Art must feature Magpies, Crows or Ravens in accordance with the Clan's name. (Corvid refers to the Latin name of said birds.)


3. No content, violent, suggestive, sexual or otherwise will be accepted and the submitter reported in accordance with DE's guidelines of rating.


4. Competition will commence once Clan reaches a suitable size.


5. Submission details will be given to those who wish to submit and will not be posted online. Personal messages to me will be answered and email given by private chat. Alternately Art may be posted on this thread. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 


I wish you all a good day, and welcome any who wish to join Corvid.

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