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Weapon/warframe Auxiliary Stat Buff Consumables


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Here's a little idea that came out of some idle early morning/late night (depending on which timezone you're in) discussion about the upcoming Supra buff, and how reload speed isn't really something which is used as a primary balancing factor.


It's basically something else to spend nano spores, alloy plates, control modules and other excess resources on. We'd use them to construct consumable items which buff "auxiliary" stats of weapons and warframes (reload speed, magazine capacity, possibly accuracy/recoil, wallrun stamina consumption - not damage, rate of fire, health, energy and other stuff like that) for the duration of one mission.


You would activate them before the mission starts (perhaps with an option in the lobby, if the mission gets cancelled then the consumables are de-selected and you don't lose them). Here are some examples:


"Living Receiver": reload speed increase.

"Engorged Magazine": magazine capacity increase.

"Synovial Cushions": recoil decrease or accuracy increase.

"Barbed Setae": wallrun stamina cost decrease


They've all got disgusting biological names because the initial idea was to have them use up nano spores - one possible prettification effect could be to put some infested goop around your weapon when they're in use, but that's not critical. Advanced versions of these (improved effect strength) could be crafted using argon crystals, because I've lost several hundred now due to having nothing to spend them on. Normal and advanced versions of the same consumable can't be applied simultaneously.

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as i said before in that discusion about the supra buff, this seems liek a good idea, i thought you emant gear items though, ala pherliac pods and stuff, either way it's a good idea imho.


gotta say though, the stamina one will be irrelevant pretty soon, so why not think ahead?, make it something like "gaseous bladder" and make it increase wall-cling/AimGlide time.


it could make a funny infested balloon pop on your warframe's back!... or something.

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