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Mirage's Disco Ball


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Since the first time i used Mirage's Prism which is a disco ball of death, i asked myself a few questions:

-How come this disco ball is always moving?

-Why can't it simply stop in one spot and swirl around like a real disco ball would?

-Why do its lasers have only one color?

So i'd like to propose the following:

When you press #4 you activate the ability and mirage launches the ball, the second time you press #4 the ball will stop at its current spot and swirl around doing its thing, third time you press #4 the ball detonates and causes its blind.Making the lasers diffrent colors would be neat.

So...Do you guys like this idea or do you think this will make Mirage's Prism super duper OP?Tell me what you guys think and also add to this idea.

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Though it might be a good thing to have more options or whatnot, being able to make Mirage's Disco Ball of Death stationary would simply turn it into a less effective Mesa, with a blind cc.


Ehh, no.


By that logic its awready a moving, less effective Mesa PM

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Augument to plant mirages disco to stand still where you are stannding.

Pocket mesa.

Prism does not have an augment so i like that idea alot.As for the ball stand where you are standing, it will simply defeat the purpose since the real disco balls are put high in the air so everyone can enjoy the pretty lights.

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Because the ball moves you also have to be aware of where it is and what it's doing, which is a good thing.  Or it would be if you couldn't just blind the whole map with it repeatedly.  

You can already do that with maxed range and frame speed is not limmited to a cralw so you can always position to make sure you blind effectively.


Do you guys agree on the idea of this possibly becoming an augment for prism?Also i would be happy if you guys also give thought on lasers having diffrent colors.

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