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Glaive - Power Throw Needs A Fix!


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When you have a maxed Power Throw mod it will not punch through MOA type units, Including the Orokin Corrupted.


It doesn't have enough punch through so it acts like a solid wall and stops the Glaive reaching it's maximum trajectory when thrown. 


So far the way Power Throw functions it's only useful against Grineer and Infested, here's the wiki page for the stats on the mod: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Throw 


I think increasing it's amount to 1.0 or 1.2 would be enough to correct this problem without having to adjust hitboxes on the MOA type units.



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It also won't punch through drones, which is a bit more silly.


However, I actually like the fact it doesn't punch through all enemy types, due to its hidden explosion effect. When you learn which types it can't punch through, you can then aim for them with a maxed Quick Return and you will be able to easily wipe out clusters of enemies with a single throw or avoid them so that it travels farther.

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@FatherToast I see what you mean but if I wanted that I'd just take the punch through off or have a half ranked mod to replicate the same effect :)


So if they updated the mod to having 1.0, 1.2 punch through I'd be happy and you'd be happy because you'd only have to rank your mod up halfway to keep the effect you like.

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