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Shadows Of The Dead (Sotd) Recruiting


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SHADOWS OF THE DEAD (SOTD) has been an active clan since Anno Domini 2014.
We believe in Quality over Quantity. Our clan consists of mature
players with the skill to take care of themselves but also be
admirable comrades in arms on our endless void missions and event
alerts. As one of the main muscles behind the Quality over Quantity we


know how to take care of team-play and clan/alliance coordination.
Recruits ( SHADOWS) have no dojo access and they have a max 7 day inactivity.
If they pay up the 1M dojo tax they are taken into the ranks of SOTD
and the inactivity max goes up a week. We consider this a game, but we
also believe although it is a game it is played by/with people, so treat
people like you would want to be treated. We have many plat incentives(plat
challenges) to improve team-play and group feeling. We are formidable 
in breaking leader boards and competitions.
Currently the site is under maintenance, so for any questions please be guided to some of the rulers.

For more details, please be guided on this page: http://qoqalliance.weebly.com/shadows-of-the-dead.html


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