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Is There Any News About 'arcane Transfer? Remover?'


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Someday i heard about Arcane enhancement will remove between other syandana or helmet with price.


is there any news about that? maybe u17 will include that? 


Im really tired gathering same arcane for every new syandana or warframe.

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mhh, there was a thread about the same topic not a long time ago. Sooo I will just quote my old post to explain it (even if most of the people here already gave a very good answer^^) :3

DE mentioned in one of the new-ish devstreams that there will be an item that will allow us to move an arcane enhancement from one Syandana/Helmet to another. (But we won't get that item without effort, something with Syndicates)



Found it^^ They said that "Arcane-moving"-stuff during Devstream#54

here a link to the official overview:



and a Screenshot if you don't want to click the link:




That's all the official information we have atm. No other news about it :s

And like Rhundis already said, we probably have to wait a little bit longer....


I guess that's it ^^

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I hope we get some info about this soon. I really want to add more than 1 Arcane to my Prisma Yamako.

The fact will remain that you can only upgarde the current arcane installed but trying to add differnt arcane will destroy the current arcane installed. What DE is saying is you will be able to transfer your desired arcane to your desired helm or syndanna and not about being able to add more than 1 type of arcane.

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Just a little update regarding this feature:

Rebecca posted the following text in the U17 hype-thread:


BTW, I hope u guys add a option to switch Arcane Enhancements between Helmets/Syandanas. Thx!


There will be an 'Arcane Distiller' that reverses the Arcane Process on items that you've used your Arcanes on.



Sooo Arcane Distiller... sounds nice^^ At least we have the name now :3

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