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Reset The Timer After Every Def/inter Missions


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Hello guys ^^ 


I got this small idea to get rid of the trollers who left at the last sec  in def  missions (each 5 waves you will be asked if you wanna stay or leave )  

i'm saying that if someone changed his mind .. or tried to troll and leave at the last sec ... the timer will reset to 5 once or twice ( i mean if he tried to let you hang in the "stay or leave" menu the timer will only reset for once and if he tried to do it again the timer will not reset ) 



I guess it's small idea but very helpfull ... especially if you play in publice servers :) 



Thanks for your time and i really appreciate you comments :) 

"Sorry for the bad english :$ "

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This or a lock/ready button.


lock is not the best option ... the others might change their mind about staying in the mission ... so if you pressed stay and the other pressed leave ... this will be problem for you :$

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