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Sowing Chaos, Causing Confusion


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Reading the stickied solo stealth thread got me thinking - one of the greatest tools in any infiltrator's arsenal is the ability to draw attention to things that are not them, to cause chaos amongst the enemy simply because they fear you. Loki Warframes can do this with the Decoy power, but why not take it a step further?

The concept is simple; allow us to interact with Control Consoles to do more than just shut off local lockdowns or seal the shutters when some idiot blows a hole in the windows.


1) Trigger Lockdown

This is simple - let us use a control console to lock down an adjacent room. This can be used to seal off areas behind an advancing group of Tenno to prevent them from being outflanked, at the cost of potentially putting them in a dead-end if things ahead go south.

Locking an area down doesn't immediately take effect, and could be lifted by enemies trying to get to you so that it's not flawless. This would be a great way of slowing down the Infested, but much less effective against Grineer and Corpus. Infested could simply batter their way through sealed doors given enough time.

As an added bonus, allow for depressurization of locked-down areas. Sure we can induce a lockdown in adjacent rooms by shooting out windows (I've done it a few times since my Lex has about-enough punch to oneshot reinforced glass) but that's not quite as fun.

2) False Reports

Sow confusion in the enemy's communication network by falsifying reports and making them think you left the ship, or are somewhere else. Enemies will either stand down, or rush to/spawn near the specified location. You could also have a couple of players hold down the fort in a given area to draw the enemy's attention away from a third infiltrator.

If you use this option too often they will wise up, and start ignoring some of the false sightings you send out, or make it take longer for you to falsify said sightings as you have to take extra steps to make your transmissions appear authentic.

3) Jam communications

Make it impossible for enemies to easily communicate. This jams their comms for a couple of minutes, preventing them from raising the global alarm and effectively communicating with each other regarding your current location. This means they can't kick off that infinite wave-spawning thing they do.

2 & 3 aren't a whole lot of use against the Infested, but I'm really not sure what you could do about those guys when it comes to causing chaos and confusion.

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1) The doors close and lock, so it wouldn't really make sense for any other room to depressurize.

Well, a secondary usage would be sealing off and depressurizing a room full of enemies.

For instance, a couple of days ago I was doing an Exterminate mission vs Grineer. One of the rooms was that long, double glass-sided corridor full of cover objects like crates and whatnot. There was an explosive barrel in the middle of the hallway, I estimated it was close enough to shatter the glass if I shot it. I wait until a Lancer is next to it, pop the barrel with my Lex (killing the Lancer of course), and watch as the corridor promptly depressurizes and locks down, meaning none of them ever spotted me.

I then wait until the 'Enemies' indicator stops ticking down, run the override and get the shutters down, then kill the one 'lucky' survivor before he realizes what happened.

Just like that, I've taken out about a dozen of my targets with only a single bullet. Imagine, then, if you didn't have to fire a bullet to do that.

I got the enemy counter down to about half its initial count (consider it started at around 60) before they managed to raise the global alarm.


Anyway, point is it can be offensive just as much as it's defensive or hindering. Of course, I think there should be some risk involved - ship sections don't spontaneously seal off and depressurize. Once you start causing chaos they're going to figure out something's up, so chaotic actions are not necessarily the best choice if you're gunning for pure stealth; they're just more tools in your arsenal.

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I agree with all of your points, it would be awesome to be able to manipulate the system to cause confusion among enemies and that would also imply that enemies stop spawning where they shoudn't/couldn't have been one second before, wich is something I find rather frustrating when you take care of cleaning a place and a Grinner spawns right behind you (generally one with a shield) in a corner near a door where you just killed one before or even behind a crate where I just shot at an explosive barel that killed his visible colleagues 3 meters around. He he was already there, he was the closest of the barel.

I just finished a solo run with Loki and at one point was about to simply stop playing out of frustration not being able to adapt his highly tactical style to the actual gameplay.

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one of things i felt this game did wrong was just how combat and general missions play out. Rather then being some stealthy commandos sneaking around a ship, accessing areas and taking out enemy with out being noticed. We more or less are unstopable titans of destruction. We beat through waves of enemies, decimate entire armies of soldiers, and take the objective with out any chance of failure.

The way the game sets itself up feels like should be more of a stealth style of game, sneaking through vents, taking out sqauds with out being seen, and resorting to combat only when is no other choice. One thing i'd like to see is a metal gear style of alert system, where by when enemy loses sight of you, is a meter slowly depletes untill they stand down. It kind of annoys me that entire enemy force always knows where you are even if you are in a vent shaft ect... i get that there should be scaners track you BUT let us shut that stuff down we obviously have better hacking tools then our enemies.

All in all, i enjoy the game just feels like are some things in design phase that seem off from what i'd expect the game to be.

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