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New Slots By Warframe Orokin Fusion


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DE give us (in U17) one slot for specific mods.

But it they give us fusion we can make our best warframe.

I use excalibur as example
  - lvl 30 excalibur with installed reactor 60 points (without mods)
  - stats health 300, shield 300, power 150, armor 225
How it works

1) Similar like forma and fusion.  
       Forma  - change warframe polarity
       Fusion - Consume cores to reach higher rank for mods
New: Orokin Fusion - change warframe stats

2) Orokin Fusion
       - Fusion will consume Orokin reactor
       - Fusion will consume Mod

Example: if we use maxed redirection and orokin reactor = lvl 30 excalibur with 740 shield 8 free slots (9 after U17)
Visual example:
 a) How it work now:  http://s18.postimg.org/moprzs7jd/Warframe0861.jpg
 b) How it work after: http://s21.postimg.org/hyy3b383r/Warframe0862.jpg

How you see we get 4 free slots after 4 fusions but we have better stats.

3) Specific:
 a) basic
 - Fusion should be 4x
 - Fusion should be reusable - after you reach 4 fusion you can fusion more but you lost choosed fused mod (like forma when you lost polarity)
 - Work only with maxed mods.
 - Work only with maxed wf with installed reactor (60 points)
 - Fused wf can't use same mod again (Same system like: you can't use flow + primed flow together)  
 - Used mod will be consumed. (you must rank up new mod for another warframe)
 - Warframe will be unranked after fusion but with new stats --> example: unranked 100 shield before. Now 247 shield unranked.
 - It will cost no credits (like forma)
 b) reasons
 - 4 fusion because: 2 fusion = all put QT + RAGE (that is bad)
 - With 4 fusions players start thing about better combos (strength + energy)

4) Advantages
 - all players use specific mod for his/her wf. But some mods like vitality, redirection, fleeting expertise, etc. take your slot on every warframe because you don't play without it.
 - If you have your favorite warframe and you want make it OP? Valkyr without steel fiber+vitality not worth and that is moment when you wasting two slot. With this system you can use strenght, resistance or mods like undying will whitch is good on hignend mission but it's not worth now.
 - There is 48 wf mods (50 with primed variant) so if we use 12 of them its not OP
 - This help a lot veteran players make better wf for highend
 - It's also help SOLO players in high-end
 - It will bigger difference between low MR and high MR because high MR have more resources to spare (cores, ractors)
 - New reason to spend reactors

5) Disadvantages
 - It's Expensive. You use reactor + maxed mod. For next frame you need new maxed mod.
 - It will bigger differnce betwen low MR and high MR. (It is advantage but low lvl players screaming now on Recruit "MR doesn't matter" after this they start scream more)
 - Haters gonna hate

I personaly think this help Warframe because it give power to player hands make his/her best wf.
What is your specific opinion/criticism?

1) What example you talking about in specific ?
answer - As example i used basic excalibur
2) We need this for weapons!
answer - Disagree. we have OP Boltor p and Soma p. With this system will be no reason play with other weapons just upgrading this two. DE told they don't want nerf them so far. NO it will be gamebreaking.
3) You know this DE never saw because they don't read forum.
answer - You have right it is small chance they even notice. But forum is like RNG. It's low chance they notice and rare if they use it.

MR - mastery rank
wf - warframe
nm - nightmare
QT - Quick thinking
DE - Digital extremes
OP - Over powered

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I will have to disagree as you will be pushing people to make certain frames godlike with absolutely better stats as opposed to skewed stats. Like if you max strength and efficiency, you'll get an almost triple strength ability with 35% reduction in cost and you can still add range AND duration to it.


DE came to a consensus about extremely limited utility mod slots. This is a non-limited form of it that just requires more gameplay to get. Which completely destroys the balance that DE is currently seeking to get in the game.

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I congratulate you, because you have realized there is a problem with the current mod system, the demanding mandatory mods, that deprives players of actually making diverse builds, and forces you to always sacrifice 6 or 7 of your slots to the same old mods, when there is tons of other mods that should be equally viable and worth.


Will not state this idea is unbalanced, since its a no brainer, that for such idea to even be implemented, stat re-balance would be necessary, otherwise this system is game breaking.

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After all answers i realize that is not the right way and tell you reasons.

In U13 we had 10 slots 6 for basic mods and 4 for ability. But enemy was easier (no bombards, nullifers).
I personaly made one wf with 9 basic slots with one strong ability. And it was enought to stay in high lvl.
Now we have 8 slots (9 in U17) + 4 abilities. But enemy is stronger (bombards, nullifers spam).
In that moment i feel we need stronger wf to beat them.

And that is the problem. I forgot players always use OP solution on everything if there is no restriction like say Emeradues.
7grims understand my reason "deprives players of actually making diverse builds" - all frames with 6 indentical mods if you want play hard.

I personaly play this game for fun and enemy beating (also reach all weapons, etc. like all collectors)

Interesting point from Mippy: "...lower player and enemy power to give this game more brain..." -- But Warframe was never brain game.
Bombers with burst autolock rockets is more brain? Or nullifer with his shiled+globe+another nullfier+3 bombers in globes is more brain? No they are just harder to kill. I don't see tactics or strategy. Only raw force to take down nullifer shield and then use abillity.

Nerf everything is that more brain what everyone want? It will happend same thing like in F1 they nerf Cars in 2008, refuel after messa accident, motors because V10 is so much OP, exhausts sound, = slow F1 with low popularity -> people watch wrc, wtcc, indycar and it is not reason watch F1 again. They want more balanced F1 now they have big problems.

So on end. For now this system will not work. Maybe if it work for specific mods like undying will, etc. but DE give us slot to test it and propably it will be enought.

Thx for answers.

Keep fighting.


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