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Selling Vaulted Stuff And Other Sets!

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Selling stuff as I want rid of it! PM me here and on PSN, first come, first served. I'm in Europe so time zones will be different!

Braton -SOLD
Bronco -15p 
Burston -15p or 25p with Syndicate Mod Gilded Truth
Dakra - SOLD - Spare BPs and Blades still available.
Mag - SOLD - BP, Helmet and Chassis still available.
Nyx. -SOLD
Hikou -SOLD
Lex -10p
Orthos -12p
Reaper -SOLD - Spare BP and Blades still available
Scindo - SOLD
Soma. -SOLD
Volt. - SOLD


Also for sale,

Ash Arcane Scorpion Helmet          50p

Excalibur Arcane Avalon Helmet    50p

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