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Is There A Road Map To Warframe?



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If you do the planetary missions just as they come  to you, no quest lines or other stuff, the 'road map' becomes fairly clear, finish one planet, kill the boss, get the segment for the next planet. You can do any of that either solo or as a group, but doing it as a group would more or less require the rest of the group be on board with the slow progression outlined there.


On the other hand, where solo play is great for the opening up of the map, group play is great for quest-lines, alerts, and events. Any of the 'special' kinds of missions are good for group cooperative play, as the inclusion of others in the missions usually increases the relative difficulty and increases the need for teamwork and communication.


Void missions are similar in that they are best done with a group, and I would include the trials in this category as well. For me, I like to do Void missions and trials and such with my clan, a group of people in whom I have a great deal of trust in their abilities, and we also use VOIP comms to make sure our communication is clear, so that actual teamwork can be had. 


While these are very general guidelines as to the various sorts of ways one can enjoy the game, we all like to play just a bit differently, and there is no 'right' way to do it, or 'wrong' way either. You'll know you are doing it right for you when you realize you're having fun, and happy and you haven't a clue where the last 6 hours went to.


Good Luck and Happy Gaming!

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Like others, I recommend starting out solo for the initial missions (especially exterminate) as you can take your time to search and get extra stuff. Bosses I would attack as a group as a first try until you understand/confident in taking whomever it is on your own. Only solo lower survival/defense missions as the ramp in levels can mislead you think 5 rounds are reachable without a decent weapon/modded-weapon. If you do play with others, just communicate that it's your first time or you're looking for something specific. If they have any issues (and if you say it early enough) they'll leave the game before you get too far into it.

Don't progress past a planet until you acquire all the blueprints from each boss. Helps with not having to backtrack, also some weapons have unusual drop rates (cronus) that work in your favor on your first tries or when your conclave level is below a specific number (200).

Finally, get your codex on with the lower planets. Scan the enemies and bosses you find as you go when you're not under stress/attack as they help you determine which ones you may want to kill more of or which missions to replay to get more of a specific resource.

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