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Potatoing And Formaing Your Sentinels: Is It Worth It?



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Not so long ago I took my potatoed level 16 Carrier Prime to a solo T4 Survival and he lasted as long as I did, but he has a lot (really a lot) of hp.


I remember my regular carrier not being able to go after minute 30 because of the bombards. But a Carrier with a status Sweeper is definitelly a very good companion.


The other ones, maybe Shade because of survability for yourself.

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Carrier prime is definitely worth it because of its massive health and armor values compared to other sentinels. The other sentinels are worth it too but it really depends on how much forma/reactors you have lying around and how often you use the sentinel.


I've used carrier 71% of the time so potatoing and formaing was a no brainer. I potatoed shade,djinn, and wyrm prime because I had and still have leftover reactors.


In t4, bombards can kill your sentinels with just a few rocket blasts. The only other threat you have to watch out for is grenades. So far, my carrier prime has not died yet.

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I can go high levels with my shade so depend on your sentinel mostly what you prefer. My opinion is still the sentinels not favorized companions and there would be more type and more weapons for sentinels. There is also no have enough mod to put it so 1-2 forma is enough to them for the max possible mod level. 


My opinion yes, if you overuse your sentinel than your kubrows and no if you feel there is not enough option.

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I catalyzed and formatted my Sweeper (sentinel's weapon) to turn it into a rapid fire shotgun with high chance of radiation proc, it's not game changing but it's a nice addition, quite often i turn around and see enemies hitting each other instead of me thanks to my sentinel.


And also catalyzed and formatted my sentinel for max health and shields.

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