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Looking For Someone To Design A Clan Emblem.

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I’m looking to hire someone to design an emblem for my Clan, Mages of the Void.  The specifics of the emblem (exact color scheme and aesthetic) I’m not that sure on myself but I can give a couple general ideas of what I want. One difficult emblem, one simpler emblem. ( I cannot provide visual examples, my art skills are...bad is not the proper word for what I do.)


Option 1:


Somehow combining Volt, Trinity and Oberon, each of them extending a hand and basically showing their power. Volt having some shape or object made of lightning dance in his hand. Trinity giving off some kind of healing looking aura. Oberon having an orb of crackling energy and healing aura pulse in his hand.  The basic inspirations I’m going for is the Black Mage (damage), White mage(healing) and Red mage(both healing and damage, but not as strong as the pure forms) of final fantasy.   Maybe just have each of them be a silhouette except for the extended arm and helmet so there’s less detail to worry about? If possible include some crude approximation (enough of a difference so there’s no worry of copyright) of the classic black mage hat, the white mage hood and red mage hat on their respective frames.  Possibly have them positioned so they form a triangle and have the lotus symbol or a stylized void key in the center if possible as well? 


Possible problems with this one: 


Possibly too busy for an emblem.  Most likely exceptionally complicated to make.



Option 2:

Volt, arms extended in front of him, palms facing inward (spread out enough so the arms are past his sides).  Multiple bolts of lightning shooting in between the hands converging on a Lotus Symbol or stylized void key (I wish there was a specific symbol for the void…).  And, once again, have some approximation of the black mage hat on Volt.


Possible problems for this one:


Deviates slightly from my original theme for the clan, the three mage archetypes from final fantasy.  Could be fairly boring/basic as a design (really depends on the skill of the one making it though).




Both of these are heavily up to interpretation by the one making them other than the warframes I've chosen and the basic theme (final fantasy mages). If you think you can make it work while keeping the theme we can talk.




This will not be without compensation.  I’m willing to offer a decent sum of plat for an emblem I like and that get’s accepted (and for putting up with me during the design process).  Basic payment plan is, half upon the completion and sending in of the emblem, half once it get’s accepted and implemented in game.   The price is negotiable, minimum of 100-150 plat and I’m hoping to keep the maximum at 400-500 platinum although the higher prices would probably be reserved for someone who could pull off the first emblem in some way.



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I can recommend a friend of mine who goes by Frikimidz. He designed my logo and I'm thrilled with how it turned out.




He's not on Warframe incredibly often anymore, but he goes by Frikimidz on Steam, so maybe you could contact him there. Alternatively, you could PM me on the forums and I'll contact him.

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