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Looking For Clan Members!


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Ayyyyy, how are you all doing? So, I was hoping some of you would be interested in joining my clan Foxmen. If you'd like to join comment and blah,blah,blah you know the drill. Anywho this clan is gonna be mainly for trading and farming resources and stuff like that, but if you want a clan to help you with quests and missions then you'll still get a few benefits to joining this clan. Btw to those who are wondering, my mastery rank is 3. 


I'll respond to comments as soon as I can. If there even are gonna be any comments.


(Edit: Forgot to mention I'm on Warframe every day. I'm not too active on the forums as this is only my second time using these forums and forums in general tbh)

I have disbanded my clan, and joined another one. Ignore this thread.

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Caduceus Fawkes Elite is named with the IDEA that together we can beat back the foul scum that once polluted our system! And to NEVER again allow their presence to sully our Great Hall! Now that our Campaign to rid the solar system of The Order's control is over! We must remain vigilant and steadfast. Forever repelling the endless armies of demons and twisted spirits, that crash against our shield-wall!

We died. Sword in hand. With our enemies' bodies littered at our feet. We awoke, expecting to see our fathers and our Gods, feasting and fighting in the Great Hall of Valhalla! Instead we find ruins, armor and weapons lay broken, shattered, upon it's once golden face. The towers collapsed in on themselves, and great courtyard, littered with the bodies of the brave and honored, boasted only a great smoking crater. The demon spawn having erupted from the very core of Asgard, caught our all-father on the mend from the day's previous war. It was a slaughter. As foretold....but the demon king did not know the legend's end... is also the beginning…

Ragnarök came. The skies and oceans swallowed by fire. The Great Wyrm's gaping jaws, screamed for the souls of the dead. From the belly of the beast, in the blinding fire that devours all, a dark flame arose. Twisting and growing, the edges become clearer. A face in the dark flame gains focus, a wicked grin etching across it's features. Vulari, an ancient word, used to describe the darkness which surrounds the world and feeds off of it's own hatred. Drott, a title given to the aspect of death and fear. Fawkes, the name burdened with the souls of revolutionary warriors. Each of these names hold power. That power, embodied itself into, The Dark One.

Hands held high, The Dark One consumes the Wyrm-fire! Folding on itself, Ragnarok is borne in the chestplate stretched across The Dark One's massive frame. The dragon's lore etched in gold, shimmering with the power just beneath the surface.

Climbing the stairs to Asgard, The Dark One sees the utter destruction, wicked grin never wavering, he calls forth Ragnarok's chosen. Warriors of the highest caliber! Those who went screaming warcries into the black abyss! Spitting in the eye of the devil, if only to dare him to spit back!

The Legends of old rally to Odin's avatar! Greeting the oncoming storm with smiles! Free to do battle once more! Warchants heard over the boom of the ion cannons. Shield maiden's laughter rings out with the sound of gammacores breaking against our shield wall. The Demon king's fear spreads like wildfire and the Dishonored are beaten back to the hell from which they came!

This is our legend. Only question is..what is yours? Join us! Children of Revolution! Help us keep the demons at bay! And together we shall weave stories the bards will sing of FOREVER!!!

Death To Fear & Ignorance!!!

The Dark One

There is no mastery requirement for this clan! Our fully researched dojo (including every new weapon) should provide you with enough warframes, weapons, and archwings to take you to MR8 and beyond. Our real tutorials, and specialized training will make even the most inexperienced players something to be feared and respected. We ARE the #1 PvP Mountain clan on Xbox, and we maintain that title through our high level of activity. Not only is this clan a safe haven for Viking warriors who are sick of dealing with bigotry and ignorance! Our creed is Death to Fear & Ignorance, and we mean it. Our rules:

Don’t be an idiot, stay out of alliance chat except for taxi, creed, or trades.

Ten day inactive limit (unless approved by a Dark One)

Keep Bigotry our your mouth! (I will be rather harsh to anyone who feels the need to break this rule)

Support your clan! ( To the best of your ability support your clan in wars and events! We are a PvP clan, do not join us if you do not wish to go to war!)

That’s it.. There is no resource requirement. There is no clan tax. I don’t need your credits! I GET MINE LIKE THE RED CROSS!! IN BLOOD!! There is a massive advancement rate for anyone who goes above and beyond in regards to keeping our clan top in the leaderboards! We boast an OVERALL kd of 1.6 as of now, and if you pay attention that has risen .1% every week! I wish to keep this rate of advancement and will help you in your training and outfitting in order to do so!

We are close allies of Arbiter’s Rage, and I would have all my Vikings fight alongside our battle hardened allies! We are a pivotal clan in Art of War, so respect our allies, and our allied Leaders! Do. Not. Disrespect. Them.

CFE Ranking System

The Dark Ones( Three Aspects of Darkness are CFE Vulari, CFE Primal, CFE Greatikillyou)

Ragnarök’s Chosen: Our most dangerous warriors, avatars of Death, these are the Vikings that chill even the most fearsome warrior’s blood, at the very sight of them!

Hands of Fate: Chosen by our Lavender Lady these are our rail runner elite, when there is death and destruction all around you, these are the men you want by your side.

Thegan Jarl: This is the highest rank a recruit can receive without being apart of the inner circle! Warlords in their own right, Thegan Jarls are our battle generals!

Himliki Skeppare: Admiral of our War Fleet, these Vikings have proven their worth, and cunning

Viking Captian: This is the rank you will receive after you have been trained personally by a Dark One! This is your first Armband! Truly a warrior of Caduceus Fawkes Elite!

Viking: This is our starting rank! You can host the dojo and recruit other tenno to our shield wall!

Karl: Farmer- The name says it all. You are nearing expulsion and must farm a great deal for your clan and fellow Vikings to earn back the rank you have lost!

CFE's new clan website is operational!! Visit www.CFECLAN.tk to see all of our clan videos and clan related information.

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