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Tenno High Council Alliance Recruiting


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Tenno High Council is recruiting active clans for our active alliance.

Storm clan or smaller preferred. Will make exceptions for very active mountain clans.

We are 40+ active clans strong and growing. July 1st was my first housekeeping which took us down from 70 clans. Inactives get removed nuff sed.

I like to think we are the cause of design council getting nonfounder invites due to me constantly boasting of having more members logged in than in council at peak times. An ongoing competition in my head lol. Anywhere from fifty to ninety players depending on day / time. Not including those who come for updates only.

We have Many founders in our ranks.

We are an international alliance of active casuals spanning Australia Europe and America.

Alliance embem changes periodically. We were formerly known as the fierce gods of hells gate or meifumado no kishin.. but we changed over to Tenno High Council a few months in because I didn't like the preconceived ideals made about a clan with a Japanese name.

Tenno High Council according to the Lotus was attributed with the development of Nova as mentioned in the Nova profile video. I wanted to be lorific and have mained Nova since Novas first day of release so this seemed like the right thing to do.

If you would like to join or have any questions send me a pm in game or here on forums . You can leave it in reply or use pm at your discretion.



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Hi Pookie

We (Etnia Premier) are looking for an active alliance

We are an Shadow clan of 18 active Tenno's 7 playing every day.

We are currently in an alliance not so active and not so all there if you know what I mean!


You seem like the Alliance to join.

Please Pm me in game or on Forum.

Thank you

Will be waiting on your reply

Etnia Premier Warlord

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