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Resources - A Rework Regarding The Rare Ones


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Some small suggestions regarding the current (rare) resource distribution.


Why are there Orokin Cells on Saturn or Ceres? Are those planets related to the Orokin in any way? No.

Remove the Orokin Cells from the regular star chart and replace it with more required drops like Neurodes, Neural Sensors and so on. Make the Orokin Cells drop from enemies in Void and Orokin Derelict Missions. Those are Orokin related-missions so there should be Orokin Cells! Also make the cells only drop from enemies. No one wants Cells as a wave-reward.



Why are there only Neural Sensors on Jupiter? Why not on higher planets? Every two weeks or so people go to Jupiter only for farming Neural Sensors. There is nothing else to get there for higher ranked players. Make those Sensors drop on Neptune or Pluto as well. Those are high-level planets. Higher-ranked players would prefer to go there. There u can farm experience, money and neural sensors although difficulty is higher. On Jupiter you can only get Sensors, neither experience or money farming is possible there.

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