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Hello I Have A Pretty Good Idea


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I have a this idea that would make warframe A even better game ( For me atleast ) its like a program thats like Paragon in diablo III or badass rank in border lands its like you level this up by playing and killing and then you can use them for upgrades like 0.01 fire rate or such and some cool ways to do this on would be


1. maybe do so you get the max mod cap at weapon lvl 30 but you can keep leveling them up and every 10/100 level then you could choose like a bit more fire rate or damage or what ever


2. kinda like you level up in being good with rifles and then you can maybe grow in a tech/skill three with that kinda gun or you can get those spec ups that you can use on weapons that are that kinda weapons


3. or just teeno that gets better and stronger with weapons



And ofcause a way to respec the points would also be amazing !


it would also be good with more solo or 4 player end-game content thats not just t4 Towers ;D


Hope you will look into this idea DE and i take all feedback

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This passive buff idea on weapons and on frames was suggested many times but they feel this makes more powercreep than they are doing in every update so they refused to make this. 


Like the passive skills / mods which just could be more useful in a skill tree and minor buff systems but they still not planned to do something similar.

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