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Save Feature For Config


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I was wondering, could we save our assembled mods in all three of the CONFIG ("CONFIG A", "CONFIG B" and "CONFIG C")?


If not, I would like to make a suggestion. Please implement a feature for us to be able to save our assembled mods for the CONFIG, because it's too tedious to reassemble all of the mods on all three of the CONFIG everytime after every Forma. For example, if I want to Forma an item 6 times. That means it'll reset all three of the CONFIG, then I have to reassemble all of the mods back.

6 x 3 = 18

Basically I have to reassemble all of the mods back 18 times just for one item after every Forma, clearly it's too tedious. To have a button to automatically reassemble all of our mods back would be nice...


At least have a button to copy all of the mods from one CONFIG (example: "CONFIG A") to the other CONFIG (example: "CONFIG B"), basically it's just like the "COPY MAIN COLORS" button. Except, it's to copy and paste all of the mods between CONFIG.


Thanks in advance.

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