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Excalibur Exalted Blade Runtime Error Bug Visual C++ (Screenshot)

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Played with my friend T3 Surv.
Had Exalted Blade on and then from the right side Nultifier with his bubble runned into me and my Exalted Blade turned Off. I dont know If I maded to take away from the bubble or not, but I died. I did not take any Secondary weapon so I wasnt abble to shot, but excalibur was holding the air with both hands like I should have secondary on them xD.
After Revive I had Exalted blade icon grey. I runend around with no weapons on hands and with animations of walking and running like in dojo/relays without weapons. I wasn't abble to use any ability, shot or attack with melee.
I died second time, revived but that doesnt helped. I could not find corupted with Gorgon that could take me to the ground and maybe after standing up it will reset, but didn't found him, so I decided to jump out of map for reset.
And yes it worked, I turned ON immediately my Exalted blade and after 4 seconds error appeared, I ignored it to play. But after 2 seconds game just freezed.


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