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Codex: Area Maps


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Having some insight of the maps we have added to the Codex would give a small, but significant level of immersion.


Grineer Galeon.


Those are the main battle ships of the Grineer Empire, weighting ____ Tons and having the size of _____ m/km? Those ships are build with____


Corpus Outpost


Industrial area of the Corpus, those outposts can construct up to _____ proxies a day and hold most of the Cargo for trades, though illegal dealings are known, there has been no proff of who is receiving money under the table.


Derelict Ships


Orokin Ships that dropped out of the Void and have drifted space since then, without the Void's energy coursing the halls, the passage of time has decayed those once gold and cold ships. The infestation has taken over most of them, but its possible the Neural Sentry and its Corrupted are still active in some way, maybe protecting something....



Some things like those, we unlock the entries when we play the map for the first time.

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