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Useless Loot.


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Useless loot is biggest problem with warframe loot system imo.


Recently ive been playing dragon age inquisition multiplayer since it changed into f2p and its 2nd bioware game which actually lacks the same problem which warframe got.


There is no useless loot in either daimp or me3mp. In me3 you received credits for missions then bought chests which yielded weapons/mods/consumables/characters and even copies of either were useful, additional lvls of weapons and mods upgraded them significantly, additional copies of characters unlocked cosmetic options and if you maxed them you werent gonna see them ever again.

Dai is bit different, you get gold or items, for gold you buy items, unused items then can be changed into materials which can be used to get new characters, respecs and even item which changes boss fight into imo easier one and guarantees item for killing it, being basically an extra loot roll. I can open chest, call 8/8 items crap but still have use for materials they drop.


Warframe got no such thing, after you craft your first prime additional drops might be at best changed into ducats, but players can acquire ducats at much higher speed than they can spend them basically changing it into useless currency.


There is no organic system which would keep players grinding, at every PA im just getting more frustrated at drops, while playing me3 and dai i got frustrated at lags, at ppl idiocy, maybe at occasional bug, but i was never frustrated at loot, since every piece of it was bringing me closer to my goal. 


I wont give any direct answer to this, ive given dozens already and im not gonna repeat myself.

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