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"new Device Syndrome"


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My Mad Catz R.A.T. 5 gaming mouse passed yesterday (Odin rest it's soul), setting me off on a grand adventure to ye old Best Buy to procure a new mouse. Beforehand I had read reviews about the Logitech G502, one I already had my eye on, and took it home with me.


Using it feels good enough, will definitely take getting used to, but by comparison the keyboard now feels like a piece of junk to use.


Is this normal?

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I feel you..

My mouse passed a couple weeks ago...


-Uses wired keyboard and mouse

-Used pathetic little optiplex 760 but yesterday got a legit gaming pc

-uses huge wall mounted tv monitor to play

^idk why I put this here^

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Don't buy Mad Catz products. They never last.

I used a R.A.T. for a while, it lasted me a good 4 years. Then I got a Logitech G600 from a competition, gave the R.A.T. to my brother. He broke it after a year, and only because he used the scroll wheel vigorously. Everything else on that mouse still works great, though. I must be one of the few, we happy few...


BTW That G600, totally worth the trade-up for how I got it. Only had to name 5 games that run on Unreal Engine, ended up naming 13 before the guy stopped me and just said, "Take it."

EDIT: The G600's also what got me REALLY into PC gaming, funny enough. With the R.A.T., I mostly played City of Heroes, everything else was X360.

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