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Potential Origin Missions: The Solo Content We All Wanted

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They Mentioned about Origin Missions, and that would be The PERFECT Opportunity To Focus on Solo Content


It will Explain Lore better and might  see your warframe actually evolve with a few Phase of Missions


1.The Transition: Cut scene Before you Actually become The Warframe  A Few dialogues on how to cope

with it 


2. Decisions: To Which Path you Take and Tenno Code you Decide to Follow



3. Battles Through Phases: Key Battles with Certain Enemies and i Suggest new Mini Bosses Themed to Every Warframe Origin

( seeing Them in Game later will get you hype and ready to strike)


You can Add Some solo Syndicate Mission using the warframe Favored in that Syndicate


and Also Prime Origin Missions As Well and Also New Umbra is Welcomed


And Potentially Have Daily Rewards for Origin Missions Like This Post:



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