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Synthetik Dread Clan Is Now Recruiting

(XBOX)G dalfs

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If you are looking for an easy going clan that has respectfull and mature people, join us. We help each other out. If its your first game or you been playing since the ps and pc version was out. We will help and run missions with you. All our research is done. Join us for a game, and if you like us then let us know, we would be happy to extend a clan invite. Pm any of us and we will get back to you shortly @ G DALFS, Tdevil410, Twinkballz or Synthetik Dread, (or you can reply here if you want)

We have people from all over so you will always have someone to squad up with.

A mic is not required but is appreciated since we like to comunicate. Plus makes trading easier. If you play with us you will notice we helpe each other out all the time.

We understand that everyone has a different schedule. As i said most of our clan is made up of mature people with families. So we dont expect you to be on all the time, just come on and enjoy a game with the clan.

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