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Can We Please Have More Semi-Auto Carbines?

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I'm talking about non-automatic, non-burst, simple and easy rifles, a barrel and a stock. No fancy-shmancy plasma technology, and definitely not something that's locked behind a metric tonne of clan research or Formas.
Something inbetween these two(ofcourse in Tenno Grey):
and this:
NOTE: The closest thing we have is the Latron, and that's a beginner weapon. Then theres the Tiberon, but that's a burst gun. And locked behind a Forma. Theres also the Grinlok, but that's a meh(forma, again). 

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love the first pic, 

but i m not agreed for the second... 

The second pic just represents the simplicity of a carbine rifle. It's aesthetics doesn't fit the game, I agree.


Which post carbine is that? I havent seen it in any halo games, and it doesnt seem to be halo 5's carbine...


It's a fan-made one. I found it just searching for carbines like the second image. Heres a link to the fanon page. http://halofanon.wikia.com/wiki/Type-84_Carbine/Improved

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What is the difference?


The Latron is a semi-auto non burst weapon.  That sounds like what the OP wants

A Carbine is a semi-auto rifle with high punch and low RoF, which is exactly the opposite to Latron, they have crazy RoF and somewhat low damage

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