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Up-Gradable Liset From Quest Lines And Or Mastery Rank


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In a game where everything you own can be modded the teno's home is surprisingly static. Here's how we can change that. (other than colours)


Upon competing a new quest/achieving a certain mastery rank the player would be able to upgrade their liset with similar modules to those in the tutorial missions.


These could also be given out as mods for liset. before changing mod configuration all foundry task would have to stop and it would take 12h to reconfigure during which liset's modding config arsenal, shop and codex would be out of commission


Increased crafting speed could solve forma being the most annoying reward in the void simply because we can't craft it fast enough.


improved foundry

-lower crafting cost

-greater crafting speed

-ability to hurry based on time left


improved arsenal

-one or two extra mods

-this could possibly include a "wild card" polarity slot that can take any mod.


improved kubrow incubator

-faster defrosting

-emergency stasis (will put kubrow on the bring of death into stasis if slot is free)

-faster hatching


improved mod thing

-more efficient fusion/transmuting



-tune to different enemy factions to gain dynamic information and riddles on the location of nightmare missions



-slightly discounted prices based on mastery rank



-absolutely perfect



-already give larger bonus per day to higher ranked players


planet selector

-exclusive "high tier and very difficult alerts"

-percent chance to not use up a void key - possibly the key is scattered into the void and must be found similar to caches and sabotage missions player's would get an alert when the void key is simply lost in there current level.

-the ability to permanently unlock a low tier void mission.


eventual ideas

-larger ship liset docks to that is customisable like the player's dojo


I apologize if these ideas have been mentioned before.

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