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What Is Really Good About Pvp + Current Feedback -By Mazauk


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I really like Warframe PvP. I like the mechanics behind it and I have played it a lot.
I like to considder myself successful but mostly due to the fact that I try to understand the mechanics of PvP instead of just playing and complaining if I fail.
I have more than 10000 PvP Kills now so I would consider myself experienced.

Compared with a lot of other Games Warframe is just great when it comes to PVP.

1.) BEST THING EVER is to link PvE and PvP as little as possible. Its great to have those two almost completely seperated the way it is now. I love it!

2.) Horizontal Progress. Mods with a good balance of advantages and disadvantages. Great Work DE!

3.) Progress that gives you a significant advantage without making you simply stronger than your opponent. A chance to get health back AFTER a kill instead of initial higher health... Thats what a reward should look like, because initially you need the same skill as before to get the kill.

4.) Balancing of Frames, Power and Energy. Well, Ash P is really strong and a lot of people play him currently, but most of the time you had a healthy Mix of different Frames in PvP and I enjoyed a lot of them. If you get your ! kicked, it is usually because you dont grab energy and let your opponent dominate you, his aim is better or you are not used to kiting a melee player.

5.) Regular Fixes and Balancing tweaks. Within a short amount of time a lot of stuff has been tweaked, refitted and adjusted in PvP. If there was something truly OP, it usually was reworked rather quickly. Thats why I dont post every problem here, because I am confident that DE will look into it anyways.


Current Feedback I have stumbled across during my last 2000 Kills in PvP:

The Slow on Valkyr is absolutely brutal and I think it would be great to increase range or decrease casting speed, but in turn leave some sort of chance to the victim of Paralysis. It is the most powerful CC at the moment, considdering energy cost and it is an almost certain kill when landed. I stopped using it becaust it is boring to only shoot immobile targets.

Please have the Rhino Charge stagger or CC an opponent in any way. That would just be insanely fun and Rhino is not all that powerful in comparison at the moment. I found it difficult to land the Charge and against high dps firearms I was sometimes killed even though I landed the Charge very well. Even if you have to reduce the Damadge on the Charge, the Charge is difficult to land and should feel a little more rewarding.

Please have the roll reduce damadge or CC so I can actively dodge some effects or go in defensive Mode, without switching to melee and block. Maybe give us a chance to survive some Ults if you roll in time for Volt or Frost Ult for example?

Please show the Strun or Strun Wrath a tiny little Buff, same goes for Latron. I had so much fun with these weapons earlier but they have no more room in the current meta because they have no more spot left to shine. Within short range melee is way stronger and easier to land, Boar P or Boltor are way better than Strun if you are up close and on long range Latron P is replaced by the Vectis P. These 2 need to be slightly buffed if you want them to be relevant again instead of having them lose Shootouts all the time.
Also even though I didnt play them a lot, I liked the Dual Cestra as a weapon. It had to spool, had a miserable spread and slow projectiles, but it was a clear counter to melee only, which is good if it exists.

Most Importantly:

Less is more! Please dont rush releasing new Frames or new stuff in PvP, because that is the only thing that could really hurt your awesome work in the long run. Vectis P was obviously overpowered, especially in Comparison with bows when it was released and if you have to buy Prime Access to completely destroy in PvP within the first few days, the risk of Pay 2 Win appears and that would be really, really bad.

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