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Wrath Of The Oberons [Sfm] + Toombs Of The Ideas [Sfm] - Warframe Parody Videos


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Even though these days everything seems to go out on twitter I still feel the need for good old forum communication. So apologies if you have seen these.


Please enjoy my latest SFM projects 


Took me about a week to make the platform from parts. I feel the whole thing turned out quite well. However there are still a lot of little things I could have fixed. Weapon holstering was annoying one. Binding the pistols to hips was impossible and I never did get the sword on back done well. 


===== Previous Projects =====

Warframe Hype Train [sFM] - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/244077-warframe-hype-train-sfm/?p=2836184

Warframe Ginyu Force [sFM] - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/305733-warframe-ginyu-force-sfm/?hl=ginyu

Tenno Clock Intro [sFM] - Forgot to make a foums topic for this one but the video is in the spoiler below

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things like that gives me the impression that some people would like to have some golden (primed) toilets programmed from the programmer part of DE in their lisets for smth which i dont wanna know ... ,-)


because there are lots of new players and im shure the like to get oberon ... and all the other stuff we get allready for free too, so, i dont see the parody here ...

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