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Ack How Do I Farm For Split Chamber?



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I find its not a bad idea to try the parkour/hidden treasure rooms in the void.

Thats how I ended up getting my first one, although I wasn't trying to actually get it at the time.

I tend to have a few spares lying around because I still bother with treasure rooms from time to time.

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Run a grineer vs corpus invasion and support the corpus side for 5 runs.  This will get the G3 after you.  Run grineer missions, preferably with 3 other people who are also marked by the G3.  A 5 minute survival often works, just run one for 5 minutes and then extract.


An alternative is to run a raid, as the G3 are guaranteed to spawn there.


Hell's chamber, split chamber and barrel diffusion drop often from them, so you should be able to get it that way.


Alternatively you can do void runs and break containers in hopes of getting mods from them.  The mods which drop from orokin containers in the void are randomized for each person that picks them up, so while one person gets an ammo drum or some other trash drop, you'll occasionally get split chamber or the like from the same mod drop.


Mobile defense and capture missions in the void often have a high concentration of containers at the end.  You need to make it through the parkour course and through the slowly closing door in time, however.  So I hope you've practiced your wallrunning, melee flinging, etc.


There are also various bosses and enemies that have a small chance of dropping split chamber, but they sheldon't drop very often due to RNG.


There's also trade chat.  Expect to pay 5 to 15 plat for one.


Here's the wiki page for the mod, telling of a few other places where it drops.  http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Split_Chamber


Good luck!

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G3, but a lot of RNG involved...


My last one dropped from Cassini survival at 20mins.

Cassini also drops 5 rare core packs at 5 and 10 minutes, the odd Orokin Cell or two, and a void key at 15.


My advice is always, don't farm one thing, farm where a few useful things drop.

So at least if you don't get Split Chamber, Cassini on Saturn won't be a complete washout.

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