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[Video] Update 8! Look At The Stalker Pack! Dread, Despair And (My Scythe!) Hate! Sneak Peek At Reaper Prime!


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Auto and BEAR of The Hidden Redcoat check out the awesome Warframe: Update 8!

In this video, we check out the new Grineer 'Galleon' environment, the Stalker Pack and talk a little bit about the origins of the new weapons, the Dethcube Sentinel and the DOJO! We also briefly cover new mods, Void keys and the new Ash Shuriken power.

More videos will come and we will look at more stuff in depth, but on top of this, I have reset my account, so I have to start from scratch, however, thanks to a very special person over at DE, I have been given a really awesome gift of the REAPER PRIME, soon to be showing in it's own vid.


Enjoy what I have for now folks and get into the game! U8 is the best new content for Warframe yet!

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are despair and the Prime Reaper single target or multi?


n1 vid . . i want dat melee ._.


From what I can tell, they are both multi-target weapons. And yes, they are a lot of fun :)


You can obtain Void Keys from defense missions. 


Those Kunais look like they'd be hilarious with high attack speed.


I think they will, but with no attack speed mods right now, it is going to take a while to find out :)


Also, thanks for the info on Void Keys. Will make an addendum in the next vid.

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