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Kubrow Color Help?



Hi guys, this is my first post on these forums!


When my kubrow matured, it looked like most others that I have had. This one was a bulky Huras, with the hound fur pattern, with grey body and light brown (or beige) patch on front/back etc.


However, when I went to appearance, and hit reset to default, the colors drastically changed. It became mainly orange (bright kinda), with white patches on the front and back, and with deep black on the front of its legs.


My question is, which is the true color of the kubrow? If it is the colors when u reset to default, and each color box shows the white and grey checker sign, I definitely missed out on potentially having some cool color combos...


Thank you for all the help!


EDIT: Added pictures


Before: "natural colors" selected



After: "reset to default" selected (each color box is the white and grey checkered pattern)



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That is quite strange, I would suggest you follow Greatikillyou's suggestion and make imprints to view.


Also the interior color of the Liset can sometimes tint the colors, could change it to black and make sure brightness and contrast settings are on default.


I have no clue why colors would jump to different locations.

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