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Frost Rework: Snowglobe Hp


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I know the devs are either already working on the rework or already finished with it....


but i'm hoping that they have made some changes to frost's snowglobe to show a more obvious indication of it's health?

perhaps less snowflakes once snowglobe hits half HP? or visible cracks on the globe? or cracking/audio cues?


thanks. hopefully a dev or admin will pass this on as this lack of feature is curiously being ignored

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Considering that the duration will be removed, they might add the HP percentage over the skill icon like Iron Skin does it.


It's what they will do. If i remember well while Rebecca was enjoying around the pre-reworked frost (it was like 3-4 devstreams ago) the snowglobe has a percentage over the icon, like iron skin

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Has already been suggested in the council rework thread. We'll just have to wait and see what they decide to do.



Here is my interpretation/suggestion I did for it.


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