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Being Seperated From Squad After Only Losing Maybe 4-10 Seconds On Connection.


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Even though I'm directly connected my router, the internet/isp still hiccups every now and then during the day. With this, I've been dropped from squads so many times because in-game I'll see the chat lose connection for maybe 4-6 seconds and then a host migration occurs either me going back to the ship or sitting in the mission by myself. It's been happening to me a lot more recently.


Last night, was playing a 20 wave T1D for xp and it had very high rare mod drops, must've been at least 7-8. At wave 18, after gaining several ranks on my frame and my weapon (both almost being maxed according to score screen) - I lost connection for just a few seconds and then realized I was playing by myself. With an unmodded weapon and a Nova, I couldn't protect the cyropod for long and failed the mission. Losing nearly all my xp and the rare mods I've collected.


It's not the first time but would like to see an option maybe appear to my teammates that pauses the game and maybe give me 5-10 seconds to rejoin before auto-kicking me.

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