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Hosting Migration / Connection Bug


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So, I recently got a friend of mine to play Warframe with me. Yay! Except not yay.


We've been trying to play for a couple weeks now but she has a serious problem with getting into missions. 


The problem from what I can gather:  When I invite her into a squad, as well as a couple other people to fill the group, I'll start the vote for something like Derelict Exterminate as an example. Everyone agrees, we start loading into the mission. For a moment my friend seems like she's loaded into the game, then suddenly she'll disappear and get kicked from the squad. She tells me that she's getting host migrated, and then reappears in her liset. 

Oddly enough, sometimes if we don't skip the opening cinametics to the mission she'll load in all the way and be able to play, but that's rare. 

This also happens when it's just me and her in a squad. 


Our BS solution: She goes into a missions first, loads into the game, then has to invite everyone after she's inside the mission and can move around.  This is -very- problematic, especially when I wanna share my void keys with her. 


Honestly, we don't know how to fix it. We've been given everyone's advice on how to 'fix' the problem. " Oh, you need to forward your port. " " Oh just play the game in windowed mode and set all your display settings as low as possible. " " Get better internet. " 


Port forwarding just isn't something we can try, and nothing else seems to be working.

She's about to just quit the game and uninstall it because she can't even get to play the game because of this, so I'll try one more time. 


Is there -any- possible way to fix this problem whatsoever, or is she just doomed to never being able to play Warframe? 


Update: Tried changing some settings in the launcher. She went to settings in the warframe launcher and disabled Full Screen, Direct x10 and 11. Disabled 64bit mode since her computer is 32bit. Disabled multi-thread rendering, and Launcher GPU acceleration.   This was off of a friend's advice, however it didn't work. She's reset the settings back to normal.

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