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Uranus Tileset Expansion (U17 Megathread Topic)


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Tenno, the Grineer Underwater Lab tileset has expanded with new missions! Dive into the new underwater environment and face the dangers that lurk in the depths. Discuss Uranus' update here! 




The above thread is for feedback only, if you have a bug to report please post them in the U17 BUG REPORT MEGATHREAD.
Thank you!




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Tileset is incredible.  I love that some tiles even require in-tile archwing transitions from land just to get to the other side of a jammed door.  It looks gorgeous and the custom Grineer are a welcome touch.  I also love that this displays possibilities to return to older tilesets and incorporate archwing tiles into those.  Exterminates often deliver on 150-200 enemies, which is perfect to me.


What I don't like:


-Exterminate seems to be the only mission type with a wide array of tiles and frequent warframe-archwing transitions.  


-Exterminate seems to suffer from a spawning bug, where enemies stop spawning, making completion impossible.


-Many missions are Warframe only.  I haven't played Uranus a lot yet however, so maybe RNG level make up is just being mean to me.  I would have liked if sabotage for example had me flood the upper levels then take archwing to the lower levels more often than taking an elevator shaft.


-Archwing movement is very, almost intolerably slow.  I have hyperion thrusters on an odonata prime and it feels sluggish.  Maybe consider increasing all movement in archwing by 10-20%?

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On the Tyl Regor fight:


From what was discussed about it before the update it sounded like the fight in the boss room encouraged Archwing gameplay during the fight when the water starts to rise. However when going into the water when it hits the statue and begins to electrify the water it seems that no matter where you go you will be damaged by it.


This doesnt encourage using the Archwing in there at all simply because of the constant damage, and in some cases my Kubrow  gets stuck in the water and dies from being fried.


If Tyl has a part where he is able to be fought underwater then I gladly encourage removing the Electricity entirly from there, however if its meant to be a hazard to make the arena seem smaller then you did it right, however the inclusion of Archwing in that room seems rather pointless other than to go get the limited loot underwater

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Man.. what can i say..



Im not happy with it. This is coming from a guy who loves archwing... 


It is way too slow and sluggish! We have high powered suits capable of going into space.. We survived the void... and yet the waters of uranus are strong enough to slow us down so much? WOW! What a let down. The transition from dry to wet is great, only.. it looks clunky and feels clunky. The control of the player is only regained once you jump out of the water, land, and finish the landing animation. Control should be regained at the top of the jump out of the water, so we can begin shooting or double jump or w/e. Getting out of the water is a feat of its own. Sometimes only lurking below the surface as if trapped by ice.


It looks great and all but man.. it just doesnt 'feel good' moving about in there. 


Id recommend using the marker arrows in the new pk2.0 tutorial that tell you which way to go as indicators on where you need to go in both archwing and sharkwing. It needs a good 75% speed increase. I was surprised there was no Uranus specific gear for sharkwing. I dunno... I felt like it wasnt what archwing should be, even if it is wayyyy deep in liquid environs.

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My only feedback is on the tyl regor boss room.  To me what is even the point of including sharkwing in this if you cant stay not but a few seconds in the water before the electrical stage kills you.  It'd be better if you had the choice to fight tyl with sharkwing or not but the electrical stage pretty much makes it so that isnt a choice.  Just seems silly to me.

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Dont see the point of archwing integration on uranus, most missions so far are as usual and then 1% underwater, no enemies even spawn underwater.


Allot of ppl do not like archwing, and either way its badly made, broken and underdeveloped.

So there was no reason to expand it.


Plus uranus is now 50% more despicable, with the introduction of arc traps.

Arc traps are band-aid the devs invented because they didnt plan the old grineer tile sets to have traps.

Well the uranus tile sets are new, some planed and unique traps could have been used instead of arc traps.


Specially because arc traps, were never well designed, and even after 7 or more fixes they keep being as bad as broken lights.

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I really like the new Uranus tiles, sharkwing (maybe could be a little faster), enemies, and especially the Tyl Regor boss fight. I love the new lines and the fact that he actually has a voice. However, I feel like he could use some more lines for certain situations - for example, it's awesome hearing "Gonna bring this whole place down if I have to", but if he said a few more lines and had it randomized each time, it could make the fight far more fun.


Overall though, a major step up from other bosses in this game (looking at you, Kela De Thaym, Sergeant, Phorid).

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Like others have said, I would have loved it if half the fight was actually inside the water with Sharkwing. Filling the place up, letting us even enter the water and activate sharkwing but then forcing us out of the water seems extremely counter intuitive.


Only other feedback I have is that the vast open areas of the underwater tileset, like the place with the Grineer shipwreck are absolutely stunning to look at and explore but they need to have more enemies and be utilised more over each mission. We will always have land based tilesets to go to on other planets, but Uranus can be used to it's full potential for Sharkwing.


EDIT: The voice acting for our new and improved Tyl Regor is absolutely amazing, great job there! I just love how much emotion the guy has in his voice and how much he hates us. XD


PS: Those toxin pods underwater need more clear visuals or the ability to be destroyed by us by shooting at them.


EDIT 2.0 : Since I have only done the Tyl Regor node one Uranus since the update I realise I may have made wrong assumptions about the rest of the tilesets, since there seem to be Sharkwing exclusive ones too. Will get back with more feedback once I'm done going through those.

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Just had one of the wrose experiences ever in uranus.


Doing a extermination that was horrible, only did to scan stuff which I hate, but since there is no other way of getting the utility slot I have to compromise.

Then I had to do archwing which I dont like because it was never a well polished feature, but underwater is worse, super slow and sluggish, all the details and etc dont help seeing the enemies. Got lost for more then 10 minuts, since the HUD decided to show me enemy markers of non existing enemies, wasted allot of time searching for a exit.

Got another archwing section, that didnt had a map, so I lost more time trying to figure out the exit again.

Ended up on land again and killing my last enemy, but the HUD didnt point for the extraction point, was pointing backwards for another enemy that very possibly didnt even exist.


What a hell, and all just to scan... not worth it.

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In one of the Uranus survival missip,s


there's a crossing with 2 rooms full of water. You can go AW in them but it's like 2 small ponds and you can't go any further.....why?


also , the explosive barrels that destroy terrain should be a bit easier to see , didn't know they could 1 shot you.

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Aside from enemy spawning issues, AW transition bugs and bad AW navigation, which are mostly the fault of underdeveloped AW mechanics rather the the tiles, Uranus tileset is really great. The lighting is well placed, surface entrance and underwater caves look spectacular, a lot of attention to detail and the whole place just feels like it's an actual place, it's believable, not just a set of maps to run around. Not only does it look good, it also performs really well despite being the best looking tileset so far, I've been getting very smooth and stable framerate on all Uranus missions. In comparison, empty Void maps perform noticeably worse.

I'd also like to say that Uranus defense missions are very nice and are much more fun to play than missions with one pod. I hope this change will affect other tilesets in the future.

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I really liked the lights that showed me where to go in this particular tile. During the event, where the Uranus underwater labs were debuted, there would be three red lights and one green light that shows you where to go. I liked that feature instead of looking at the minimap to find out where to go. It's also handy if you turn off the HUD because you don't have to guess which door to take.


Tile in question:


In this particular picture, there would be a green light on the top middle of the overhead sign and the other three would be red.

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Did Sharkwing's speed increase in the last hotfix? I could swear it's marginally faster now. It could be a bit faster than this, but now it feels slightly less like swimming through molasses.


I do have a few things I find disappointing about the new tileset rollout.


-I did Uranus Spy and got a regular Grineer Galleon. Do we not have Sealab Spy yet? I was really hoping to spy in Regor's labs...


-There really isn't enough Sharkwing in missions - only a few short segments' worth for the most part. If it were a lot faster, I wouldn't mind underwater defense, maybe survival or interception... sharkwing spy and underwater sab caches, so Hacker in archwing can finally make sense! Regor's boss fight could definitely use it, too.


-Too many arc traps! A few would be fine, but they're everywhere and it gets really excessive.

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It's more an issue with tileset than a bug so I dump it riiight here.

So, there's a very confusing room that has a forced entrance and no obvious exit.

Just look at this:


I spent an enormous amount of time in that same room, so in case you didn't eventually figure this out on your own, and for the benefit of anyone else seemingly trapped in this room, there is a way out.


At about 1:25 in the vid, the player (briefly) enters a room.  in the wall (to the right as you enter, I think) you'll find a shootable fan.  It's your way out, but it took me forever -FOR. EV. ER.- to find it.

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Since the new Defense / Interceptions maps are also a part of this updated tile set I think I'll just post my crazy reaction to it in the Parkour 2.0 Feedback Megathread here >


I have to honestly say Parkour 2.0 felt a bit odd obviously, everywhere........until I got to this tileset in the Natah Quest >>






The perfect blend of verticality and ziplines and open space and being forced to move quickly from point to point brought all the aspects of Parkour 2.0 together so PERFECTLY that I will honestly say that this was THE BEST experience I have EVER had in Warframe.


I was chaining a jump into a Bullet jump while aiming upwards and then getting onto ziplines when I got close to them, running over them and flying off to another room where I would aim glide to the other side of the tileset, and then land directly on dem Grineer nub nubs. XD I had never felt more NINJA, than at that moment in that game. 




I'm getting used to Parkour 2.0 fast, and have managed to figure out most of the cool and useful combos, but we really need more open, vertical and forward thinking tilesets like this one that are more oriented towards it, to help Parkour 2.0 really shine.


PS : This map puts the typical 'Mobile Defense' to shame. It was exactly what 'Mobile Defense' should be and was fun and exhilarating! :D




IMHO this map is the most brilliant piece of level design in Warframe on both artistic and technical fronts.


It works so well with Parkour 2.0 that it even forced me to think out of the box and come up with new methods to reach high and far places as I'm sure it has tickled the minds of many players. I even made a tutorial on it here >


We definitely need MOAR maps or revamps of older tiles with this intricate and vertical design direction so that we are forced to up our game in order to be better players and have enormously larger amounts of fun! :D 

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I have been playing on this tile set only for a few hours and done regular missions in solo in order to have some time to explore.


The tileset is really pretty and well themed. The round Grineer architecture fits really well with underwater/submarine bases.

There was one place where I saw something that felt out of place : when you go through the square ducts. They look like temporary placeholders.


The tileset also shows a lot of untapped potential : first there is the sense of being in a coherent place :

I liked how I clearly felt how the set is made of 3 different areas clearly separated by elevators :

-the surface

-the intermediate grineer underwater base

-the alien depths


So far I have only seen a single tile of the surface (a starting point). I have yet to see the surface as an exit point. It also feels like if the surface was missing some mid-course tiles, I was thinking of abovewater level bridges connecting separate elevator shafts between underwater bases.


Speaking of starting points : the underwater entrance through the bunk rooms feels cheap. I felt like a starting point in an airlock (like the current exit) would make much more sense.

The bunk rooms also feel too big : it's a maze of useless dead ends. I think it would be much more interesting to link the different bunk rooms to make this tile feel like if the player actually has a choice between the short straight but exposed main corridor or the long meandering bunk rooms which provide cover. At the moment the bunk rooms only serve as a hiding place.


I have seen very little use of the water archwing (or "sharkwing"). So far most of their use are in small dead ends to reach caches. I have seen only a single use of the sharkwing as a main path and it was very short (like a single tile long).

There was also a sabotage mission that felt like it had a lot of potential : when you activate the pumps and flood the room : I felt like WOW I'm going to see all the tiles I have previously gone through but the water  will have variable water level height, and it will probably feel very different. Unfortunatly the only flooded room was the very one where I sabotaged the pumps. The next room was just as dry as all the others. It felt like a missed opportunity.


Gamplay wise, I am one of the few people who like the slower pace of the sharkwing compared to the ultra fast space based archwing. Underwater movement should be slower than land based movement, although I agree the current underwater speed may be a little bit too slow. Maybe a 20% speed boost might make it feel a little better.


The transition between land movement and sharkwing feel too rigid. It's like if gameplay came to a complete stop, braking all momentum you might previously have.

And you can only transition back from water to land at specific spots. I think it would be much better if you could jump out of the water like dolphins, switch to parkour2.0 and move freely in mid air, double jump and then fall back either on land or just go back in the water.

Also I think it would help if you kept the wings on your warframe throughout the land sections. It makes no sense to find the wings just waiting for you in every pond you encounter and then just leave them there to find them magically reappearing in the next room even though the two water ponds are not connected. (how would that even work ?).

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